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Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Orthopaedic Injuries

At the Comprehensive Orthopaedic and Spine Center at Mountain Vista Medical Center, we focus on providing comprehensive treatment solutions. Not every damaged bone or joint will require surgery. In fact, many injuries, diseases, and conditions of the bones, joints, and ligaments can be treated non-surgically. Our non-surgical treatment options include:

Epidural Spinal Injections

A lumbar epidural injection can relieve lower back pain and reduce inflammation. The injection isn’t just a “patch” to cover the pain. Rather, by attacking the source of your lower back pain, a lumbar epidural injection allows you to start moving again. By moving, you can help speed your recovery, eliminating the pain for good.

This procedure is an outpatient procedure and takes only a few minutes to complete. (Preparation and recovery will require more time, however.)

Exercise and Physical Therapy

Patients in Mesa can take advantage of the wonderful physical therapy services at Mountain Vista Medical Center. The orthopaedic surgeons at Mountain Vista Medical Center enjoy close working relationships with the hospital’s physical therapists. Call 1-877-924-WELL (9355) for more information.

Facet Joint Injection

The areas where the spine’s vertebrae fit together are known as facet joints. When one or more of these facet joints become inflamed, the resulting back or neck pain can limit your mobility and keep you from performing your regular activities. Facet joint injections can reduce inflammation, allowing you to return to your normal life.

For more information about the Comprehensive Orthopaedic and

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